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Chatbots in messengers
for business
Always close to your customers,
never tired, never on a leave and never complain

Chatbots cannot be rude to customers, cannot be late, they do not waste working time.

Available for Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Vkontakte
What is a chatbot and why business should use it?
Chatbot has 3 main purposes: raise sales, reduce business costs, increase customers' loyalty
Sales growth
Chatbot creates an automated sales system. Customers have an opportunity easily to look through catalog, choose products and buy them without salespersons' involvement
Costs reduction
Chatbot substitutes from 80% to 100%
of call-centre operators. Bot is always
in a good mood, never asks for a leave,
never feels sick and is constantly learning.

Customers love
Chatbot communicates with customers in an environment they like. 99% of potential clients are used to chat with messengers and social media, it is a comfortable environment for them. Apart from any mobile app chatbot is just another contact in the messenger that replies instantly. System does not ask customers to download and install anything
Which type of business chatbots are suitable for?
Chatbots are able to bring benefit for almost any kind of business. If your customer use the Internet chatbots will be useful for your company
Online order and delivery
Chatbot is able to take customer's orders and place them into into delivery system. You sell more and spend less on personnel.
Support and consultations
80% of customers requests are of the same type, chatbot can easily deal with them. It answers faster than any employee.
Client notifications
If you send SMS-notifications to your clients, then messages from chatbot can save you money. They are free and, moreover, they will help to promote your company in social media.
Data and feedback collection
Chatbot is able to collect any data and ask users for any kind of info from meters measurements in apartments to level of customers satisfaction with the services.
Customers profile
Clients' chat with bots could be easily analyzed, so various behavioral patterns of your customers could be recognized. By knowing the patterns your company will improve sales effectiveness.
Alternative to a mobile app
and a webpage
Chatbot is a good alternative to a mobile application and a webpage. Customers do not need to download anything or search for a webpage, they communicate with bot in a user-friendly environment of social media.
Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers, bots will be the new websites
Why choose our chatbots?
Free trial period
You do not need to buy a bot to evaluate its advantages. We are certain with the benefits of our product and are ready to run it on trial basis for a start.
One chatbot for various messengers
You could choose a chatbot for one social media - Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Vkontakte or chatbot for all of them, it does make any difference for us. The mainframe will be the same, so the bot is easily configured, changed and extrapolated to all the messengers, even the upcoming ones
Assistance in bot promotion
We are one of the few companies which are promoting their own bots in the market. We have already made all the possible mistakes and studied them, so you will not make them.
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